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Way down in the hole

I’m glad to say this will be the last post from the western hemisphere. I’m heading out roughly 53 hours from now, and I’m pretty sure the time leading up to then will be filled with… not much. I think I’ll watch Wishmaster 1-4 again and give my buddy a walkthrough of Pokemon: Yellow Version via Facebook chat. (The idiot had leveled a Butterfree to 40. He is lost without my guidance.)

Packing wise, I haven’t done a damn thing, and don’t intend to until the night before leaving. I have a general idea of the crap I want to take, but haven’t read into it that much. It’ll work itself out.

I mentioned in my last post the speaking partner thing my school does that allows us foreign kids to talk to native Japanese students before we arrive in Japan. I found out who my partner was about 10 days ago, and we’ve been emailing each other ever since. Her name’s Miwa, lived in Osaka all her life. I’d never written back and forth with another person in Japanese at length before, but so far everything has been working out pretty well. For the most part. I screwed up some honorific title things and some other minor grammar problems, but I’m glad to know that I’m not completely unintelligible.

Also, speaking partner?  Painfully, incredibly cute.  Before ya know it…


Another ball-droppingly awesome thing? I found out via some other students on Facebook that the Tokyo Game Show is happening three weeks after I arrive. For those who don’t know, TGS is *the* premiere video game convention for Japan. America has the Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3), Europe has Gamescom, and Japan has the TGS. Developers all come out to show their new crap for the upcoming year. It’s also got a huge cosplay contest, where people don mind-numbingly elaborate getups fashioned after their favorite video game characters and have embarrassing photos taken which are then immortalized on the internet. Last year the attendance was something like 183,000 people, and this year, my ass is weaseling it’s way in. Expect many a picture when the time comes.

That’s about it for pre-departure nonsense. Only thing I really have left to do is think about some badass karaoke songs to belt out after drinking too heavily. Feel free to suggest some if you feel like it; all I’ve got so far are a couple of Irish drinking tunes and “You Can Call Me Al.” But please, no Journey. Everyone is going be singing Journey.

From one mouth breather to another, cya later